Sauti (2022)

Sauti, meaning both “sound” and “voice” in Swahili, somehow encapsulates the essence of this piece inspired by field recordings carried out in Kenya in 2012. The work combines community radio recordings…

A Queda do Céu (2021)

Sound installation designed and implemented in collaboration with André Mestre at Universidad Austral.

Mombasa mix (2020)

This piece was conceived taking as a starting point field recordings carried out in 2012 during the month of Ramadan in the city of Mombasa on the East coast of…

Soundlapse (2018)

sound installation implemented at Philippi Museum in Valdivia in collaboration with Rodrigo Torreos. The work was created using as source material wetland soundscapes created using a time-lapse algorithm. Link:

Night Study 3 (2018)

‘Melancholy were the sounds on a winter’s night…‘ (Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room) This piece is the last of three works exploring real and imaginary nocturnal soundscapes. It is inspired by subtle…

Paisaje contra el tiempo (2017) 

Sound installation commissioned for the 2017 ‘Work in Progres’ exhibition at Universidad Católica in Santiago. Conceived and implemented in collaboration with Carolina Ihle and Roberto Burgos.–work-in-progress-qpaisaje-nacionalq.html


Dance-theatre score commissioned by Valdivia´s Contemporary Dance Ballet. Trailer Project website Complete performance recording

Night Study 2 (2016)

‘Oh, night more lovely than the dawn…’                          (John of the Cross) This piece is a musical exploration of real and imaginary nocturnal landscapes using as a timbral framework…

327 Cuadernos (2015)

Music composed for a documentary about the Argentinian writer Ricardo Piglia directed by Andés Di Tella. Production: Gema Films (Argentina) and Lupe Films (Chile). Premiered at the San Sebastián Film Festival International competition in November 2015….

Ruido blando (2014)

Sound installation commissioned for the 2014 Relincha Festival in Valdivia, Chile. The work is constructed using sea recordings obtained at different distances from the sea shore.

Night Study 1 (2013)

Our bike is the colour of the night. Our bike is a black donkey dawning Through lands of Curiosity.’                         (Roberto Bolaño) The idea behind this work stems from a…

Irama (2012)

In Javanese gamelan music ‘irama’ has the general meaning of time interval between two successive sounds or actions. The term can also be used to refer to temporal relationships between…

Home and Metal (2011)

Collective sound installation using various types of field recordings for the the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, England.