Sound installations

A Queda do Céu (2021)

Sound installation designed and implemented in collaboration with André Mestre at Universidad Austral.

Soundlapse (2018)

sound installation implemented at Philippi Museum in Valdivia in collaboration with Rodrigo Torreos. The work was created using as source material wetland soundscapes created using a time-lapse algorithm. Link:

Paisaje contra el tiempo (2017) 

Sound installation commissioned for the 2017 ‘Work in Progres’ exhibition at Universidad Católica in Santiago. Conceived and implemented in collaboration with Carolina Ihle and Roberto Burgos.–work-in-progress-qpaisaje-nacionalq.html

Ruido blando (2014)

Sound installation commissioned for the 2014 Relincha Festival in Valdivia, Chile. The work is constructed using sea recordings obtained at different distances from the sea shore.

Home and Metal (2011)

Collective sound installation using various types of field recordings for the the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, England.

Global Accent (2008)

Created for the 2008 Late Music Festival at the National Centre for Early Music in York, England. 6-14 June 2008, National Centre for Early Music, York, England This sound installation…

 Echoes (2006)

Created in collaboration with the University of York Gamelan Orchestra for a special event at York Minster, England. Read an article about this installation here.

Lydbillede (2004)

Lydbillede (2004) – with the artists Thomas Petersen and Inez Mortensen at the Copenhagen Project Room, Denmark. Download an audiovisual sample at Read an article about the realization of this project here

Tre diagonale strategier (2003)

With the architect Jorge Soto at Gallery Pi, Copenhagen, Denmark. Read an online article with sound samples of this installation here.