“The proposed listening experience quickly reveals a sensitive use of the stereo field.”

Night studies, Julio Garrido Letelier, Revista Musical Chilena

“Otondo is a genuinely fresh voice and has something genuinely new to say in each piece he writes”.

Night studies, Michael E. Karman, Asymmetry Music Magazine

‘These are liminal dreams where the normal rules of time and space are suspended. And like a strange dream Otondo’s Night Studies linger in the mind long after it has ended.’

Night studies, Duncan Simpson, Musique Machine

‘The sound design is a key element for building suitable atmospheres for the film with a reduced but precise music score.’

Incidental music for 327 cuadernosPaperblog (Spanish)

‘Nice release…thirty minutes playing time are equal parts ambience and equal parts treated gamelan.’

Night studiesIdwal Fisher

‘Otondo makes the gamelan sound contemporary: a gift to tradition and a noteworthy accomplishment.’

Night studies, Richard Allen, A closer listen

‘The music by Felipe Otondo is a key factor in creating atmospheres and adding passion to the film.’

Incidental music for 327 cuadernosFilmarte (Spanish)

‘Felipe Otondo creates various sound collages to reinforce leitmotivs as part of the film soundtrack’.

Incidental music for 327 cuadernosPágina 12 (Spanish)