July 2023 – Sauti played in Switzerland

The piece Sauti will be played at the Ars Acusmatica in Münster offers the finest audio cinema. The concerts at MEbU (Münster Earport) are curated and performed exclusively by UMS’nJIP (Ulrike Mayer-Spohn and Javier Hagen) and Simone Conforti (IRCAM Paris) for MEbU. On July 8th and 9th, works by renowned international composers such as Bihe Wen, Beatriz Ferreira, Felipe Otondo, Manuella Blackburn, Robert McClure and Bernard Parmegiani can be heard.

The hyper-surround listening experience at the MEbU makes an unusual instrument possible: the acousmonium. The acousmonium is a loudspeaker orchestra developed by the French research team of the GRM (Groupe des Recherches Musicales) around 1974 under François Bayle at the Maison de Radio France. On the MEbU, this is equipped with 16 individually controlled studio loudspeakers. In Europe, acousmoniums can be found almost exclusively in research institutes. One of the few publicly accessible acousmoniums in Europe is located in the MEbU (Münster Earport) in Münster. The MEbU is the permanent place of work and performance of the ensemble for new music UMS’nJIP, which settled in Münster, Goms, in 2022.


July 5, 2023