TRAMA (2004)   for clarinet and live-electronics

This piece, which was created for the group Moose Matrix and was dedicated to the Danish composer Anders Brødsgaard, is a study of the timbre of the clarinet and its variations in its different registers. This was done using textures of rhythms from cells of motives from Indian talas as layers for electronic transformations of the clarinet’s timbre. The piece is constructed in two parts, being the first part a gradual evolution of an expansion of the register of the instrument in relation to layers of rhythms that evolve from very long units to percussive rhythmic patterns associated with the three registers of the instrument. The second part of the piece evolves as a contraction of the register of the instrument using this pauses and duration of events as a way to integrate or make distinctive the particular types of registers. The electronics part of this piece was done as way to integrate and transform the timbre qualities of the registers of the instrument associated with rhythmic structures. The use of space is thought to emphasize the idea of speed of rhythmic changes in timbre associated with the registers and the integration of the radiated sound by the instrument and the transformed sound played through loudspeakers.for clarinet and live-electronics.

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October 20, 2004
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