Night Study 3 (2018)

‘Melancholy were the sounds on a winter’s night…‘

(Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room)

This piece is the last of three works exploring real and imaginary nocturnal soundscapes. It is inspired by subtle rhythmic and timbral relationships found in gamelan music, and structured as aural journey through various nocturnal sonic landscapes. The composition was created using re-synthesised gamelan samples, carefully blended and contrasted with field recordings made in Chile, Kenya and Mexico. This work was premiered at the 2018 Sonorities Festival and is part of a new monographic CD release by the British label Sargasso.

Awards: 2018 Computer Space, SYNC. 2018 electronic music competition & PULSAR 2019 (finalist).

listen to an excerpt of this piece

October 20, 2018
MusicMusic by Felipe Otondo