Guitar ex Machina (2000) for electro-acoustic guitar and 4 channel tape

This piece started as a naive attempt to study the role of a musical instrument when interacting with the electronic media. After a short period of experimentation, I realized that the usual role of the electronics as a background or support for the musical instrument was boring and predictable and it would be interesting to switch the roles, ‘mechanising’ the instrument and ‘humanising’ the machine. In that spirit I tried to contrast the human (instrument) and electronic sound  sources (tape) in a game of rejection and integration using the guitar as a framework for both. In this pieces the instrument is the only sonic source for the tape recordings and was used as a multiple source of percussive, melodic, disturbing sounds which were slightly  manipulated electronically to be played through the loudspeakers with  the original instrument live.

October 20, 2000
Interactive piecesMusic