‘Together, these experiments meld into a cohesive whole, impressive in light of their inspirational and geographical variety. A famous t-shirt seems to justify any action by saying, “it’s okay, I’m a doctor”. In this case, the words hold true.’

TutuguriA Closer Listen

The label, Sargasso, identifies this CD as Otondo’s first. May there be many, many more from this very talented composer.

TutuguriAsymmetry Music Magazine

‘Otondo may have an academic background, his music sounded quite fresh and off the paths usually chosen by his fellow composer.’

TutuguriVital Weekly

‘Otondo is interested not only in notes, but in the spaces between notes, which he often extends. His soundscapes are meditative and reflective, but not always quiet; the most compelling sections frolic with childlike abandon.’


‘A revealing testimony to the present position of the acousmatic-electroacoustic culture, its innovative propulsion perhaps ebbing away as the decades roll on, but still expressing musical gems in what we may regard as new “classics” of the genre.’

CiguriDiego Garro