Sound installations by Felipe Otondo

  • A Queda do Céu (2021) - sound installation designed and implemented in collaboration with André Mestre at Universidad Austral.
  • Soundlapse (2018) - sound installation implemented at Philippi Museum in Valdivia in collaboration with Rodrigo Torreos. The work was created using as source material wetland soundscapes created using a time-lapse algorithm.
  • Paisaje contra el tiempo (2017) - sound installation commissioned for the 2017 'Work in Progres' exhibition at Universidad Católica in Santiago. Conceived and implemented in collaboration with Carolina Ihle and Roberto Burgos.
  • Ruido blando (2014) - sound installation commissioned for the 2014 Relincha Festival in Valdivia, Chile. The work is constructed using sea recordings obtained at different distances from the sea shore.
  • Home and Metal (2011) - collective sound installation using various types of field recordings for the the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, England.


  • Global Accent (2008) - created for the 2008 Late Music Festival at the National Centre for Early Music in York, England.



  • Echoes (2006) - created in collaboration with the University of York Gamelan Orchestra for a special event at York Minster, England.

        Read an article about this installation here.


  • Lydbillede (2004) - with the artists Thomas Petersen and Inez Mortensen at the Copenhagen Project Room, Denmark.

        Download an audiovisual sample at

        Read an article about the realisation of this project here


  • Tre diagonale strategier (2003) - with the architect Jorge Soto at Gallery Pi, Copenhagen, Denmark.

        Read an online article with sound samples of this installation here.